Welcome to the Metro!

by "Joe: Metro Conductor" on Friday 20th of April 2012

We welcome you to the official website for Metro: Last Light, the highly-anticipated sequel to the cult hit Metro 2033 where you will fight with every last bullet, breath, and flicker of light to save the remnants of humanity from extinction.

Consider yourself lucky! With the apocalypse mere moments away, you have found yourself safely inside the Metro ... exactly how safe only time will tell. Fortunately, this website will provide you all the information you need to know in order to navigate the tunnels and avoid an untimely demise. will also act as our Community hub, from which you can:

  • Enter contests for exclusive prizes and other survival supplies
  • Chat with station residents in our Forums
  • Study your surroundings by viewing Screenshots and Concept Art
  • Get to know the dangers of the Metro by reviewing Trailers
  • Read up-to-the minute news regarding the game and much more ...
Information, trailers, and screenshots covering everything from Characters and Factions to Weapons and Creatures will be available right here at Over the coming months, we will be revealing more content and providing you with answers to your Metro: Last Light questions. You can also receive game and Community information by following our various social media channels:


In the meantime, sign up to receive our Community Newsletter for exclusive news and giveaways and let your ride through the Metro begin!